Wednesday, January 24, 2007

They's and We's...

We are about to put on a new team member in the next week or so, and it's got me thinking about 'employee intergration' and how long it takes a new employee to feel "part of the team".

See..I was recently listening to someone give an elevator pitch for a company they had just joined only weeks prior - Something that stood out during his short presentation was he kept referring to the law firm as THEY.. they do this... they do that... they will keep you out of jail and the arms of Brutis. It was like the company that now paid his wage was a third party or an arms lengths away. Not something he felt involved with yet.

Later that same day, I was having a conversation with someone who had only been wih his empoyeer for a couple of months but his vocabulary was completely opposite - we do this... we do that... we we we all the way home. He was part of the team.

This got me thinking... when does a THEY become a WE ?

As employeers, co-workers and managers how do we make the transition from a THEY to a WE faster, easier and as efficient as possible ?


  • Pesonally, I think it all comes down to ownership (not in the traditional sense).

    You need to feel a vested interest in the company you are working for or project you are involved in.

    By Anonymous Hamish Jones, at 11:36 AM  

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