Saturday, January 06, 2007

Retail Marketers Lookout !!!

Morning All,

I had to jump online this morning to let you know about a new blog. Those of you in the retail space will be extremely interested to find that Shannon Curtis has finally increased his 'accessability' and created a blog.

Shannon Curtis is one of the world leading experts on retail marketing and has helped numerous businesses double thier retail business within 9-12 months, without discounting or spending a fortune on advertising. His stuff will change any retail business.

The blog is very new with only a few posts, but I wanted to let you know early so you can start to harness his power. Whether you are directly in retailing or not, your products and services will have to pass through the 'retail sector' to reach the end consumer so I encourage you to keep abreast of these ideas.

Check out Shannon's Retail Marketing Blog now.


p.s. how funny is this pic ;)

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