Monday, January 08, 2007

U.S. Pizza Franchise Accepts Payment In Pesos From Spanish Patrons

Brad Williamson of BizMAVERICK has posted a great story on about a fast food chain in the USA doing some creative marketing...

There’s this pizza joint called Pizza Patron (59 stores), that’s headquartered here in my hometown of Dallas Texas, that truly understands their consumer demographic of Spanish customers.
Many Mexican residents of Dallas have just recently traveled from Mexico, and have a surplus of Mexican currency sitting there in their wallets that’s going unspent. Pizza Patron had a marketing brain fart and decided to give these people a place to spend their pesos as they’re now accepting them as payment for pizza.

I think it's brillinat as it reinforces a companies commitment to thier brand position.

Read the entire stroy here:

U.S. Pizza Franchise Accepts Payment In Pesos From Spanish Patrons » Small Business Marketing And Branding

What can you do that's like this, links with your brand and will create a buzz?

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