Sunday, December 17, 2006

What Makes Up A Present (product) ?

I was on my way back from a keynote speech in Brisbane last week when the air-hostess started a conversation with a young girl in the seat behind me. The young girl was on her way to Melbourne to spend Christmas with her father, and was telling the hostess what the gift her Mother had already given her was.

She was enthusiastically explaining how she was given a beautiful bike that came with a water bottle. Given the excitment, over what most 'outsiders' would consider a pointless inclusion, the waterbottle, the hostess asked the girl - "What are you more excited about, the bike or the waterbottle that came with it?"

The obvious anser is the bike... but to the surprise of the hostess and myeslf the girl wasn't sure which she liked the best?

Her mother had most likely spent a decent chunk of change on the bike, giving little thought to the waterbottle that came with the bike. To most, it would have been a simple 'add-on' with little value, but to this young girl the waterbottle is what makes the entire package exciting.. it's the clincher... it's the difference between a bike and an experience.

What are you offering your clients (and kids this Christmas) to turn your product into a bigger experience ?

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