Tuesday, November 28, 2006

How To Be That Guy

So Who is THAT guy? Well, 'That Name Tage Guy' is Scott Ginsberg. See my good buddy, Scott is the only person in the world who wears a nametag 24-7-365 (since November 2, 2000 to be exact).

Why? To encourage people to become friendlier and more approachable.

Scott is recognised as "The Authority on Approachability" & "The World's Foremost Expert on Nametags" and has been featured on/in CNN, The Wall Street Journal and even Ripleys Believe It Or Not.

He is also the author of 3 books, his latest being 'How To Be That Guy'. Scott kindly gave me a copy of 'How To Be That Guy' when we caught up on my most recent trip to the USA. I started flicking through it on a flight from Dallas, Texas to Sacramento, California and couldn't put it down.

Here are the 'gems' I pulled from the book:

  • The word 'Cool' dates back around 100 years. Tenor Saxophonist Lester Young populised the term in jazz circles in the late 1920s. [pg.32]
  • Scott created his own word 'UNCONCELABLE' - which means becoming so cool people can't help but to talk about you, your product or your business. [pg.35]
  • You need a two or three word brand description. When Scott was being interviewed on CNN he was asked for a two or three word description to go under his name on screen. What would your two or three word brand description be? [pg. 44]
  • A simple yet powerful quote; "You don't have to be great to get started;but you have to get started to be great" - Scott Ginsberg [pg.76]
  • 'Genericide' (juh.NAYR.uh.syd) n. The process by which a brand name becomes a generic name for an entire product category... I know all about this but never had a name for it [pg.104]
  • The entire chapter titled 'The most important word in marketing'. So powerful you MUST buy the book just for these 7 pages [pg.111-118]
  • Another quote "The most UNFORGETTABLE and MAGNETIC brands are participatory" -Scott Ginsberg. Think of all the products you get to 'play with' before you buy, or think of all the adverts (radio and TV) that you quote all time time! 'NOT HAPPY JAN' - This is all participatory [pg.124]
  • The 5 key elements of an impactful business card... Luckily for me I had 80% coverd on my cards. [pg.139]
  • 'Internetworking'; The development and maintenance of mutually valuable relationships online"... If you want to succeed at all you need to develop your internetworking abilities to grow your exposure online [pg.148]
  • I need to get a FLICKR site... I will let you know when mine is up, but for the meantime Visit Scotts Flickr site [pg.162]
  • There are 3 reasons why people buy from you: 1. They've HEARD you 2. They've heard OF you 3. Someone they TRUST has heard OF you [pg.183]

I also learnt a few other things about Scott; He has a strange fetish for fruit and veg [pg.54], I want to play him in golf [pg.149] and I want to visit Puerto Vallarta [pg.176]

So basically you NEED to buy this book, it's not a suggestion, it's a requirement to keep reading this BLOG [lol]. Because Scott self publishes, the book is excellent value and I have only covered a tiny portion of what's inside!

Check out Scott's site now http://www.hellomynameisscott.com/




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