Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Effective Communication Online

How are you communicating to your prospects on your websites landing page?

I ask this because I recently came across a website which had this copy on thier landing page:
XXX Pty Ltd is in the business of helping customers in Australia and New Zealand with Enterprise Application solutions and services to align each business with their unique objectives.

Our team of Business and Application specialists work with clients to discover potential areas to incorporate “lean” processes and procedures, then design and implement solutions ensuring value is achieved/exceeded at each stage.

In the words of Rove Mc Manus.....What the ?? I had no idea what they were talking about and I was a prospective client!

Unlike most vistiors to the site, who would click back and Google another provider, I decided to digg a little further and found this..
XXX Pty Ltd is committed to delivering business efficiencies through technology. Through a systematic approach of applying latest business practices with best of breed enterprise applications, XXX pty Ltd can deliver significant business improvement and can demonstrate a significant return on investment for your business.
Now that makes more sense to me... Not perfect but close to my desired outcome....There is benefit there...

Now check our sites landing page - Are you 'strategically' (sarcasim) hiding your benefits from your prospective clients ???


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