Monday, December 04, 2006

Pete Williams has...

I was driving to the office this morning and was listening to The Cage on Triple M and they were discussing 'Googling your name' and the funny things that appear. Some of the weird and wacking things listeners where calling i,n and saying appeared when they Googled theselves, motivated me to check out myself ... So here we go - the funniest things that appear on Google when I search 'Pete Williams has'
  • Peter Williams has been given official endorsement by the legendary British 1960's pop icon and film star JOHN LEYTON to produce an instrumental CD tribute to him.
    • How cool is that!!!
  • Mr Williams is not, and has never been, homosexual
    • That' a relief for Fleur
  • Pete Williams was a partner at Morrison Foerster LLP, a leading international law firm.
    • Pitty I haven't passed the B.A.R. exam
  • Peter Williams has diverse research interests including star formation and the dynamics of the interstellar medium
    • Star Formation - does that mean how Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie walk the red carpet?
  • Peter Williams has shown there is nothing which is impossible
    • I'm going to quote this one!
  • Peter Williams has featured as a minor role in several famous films such as Catwoman
    • It was so mich fun working with Hallie Berry.
  • Pete Williams has reported on sports, business, and fitness for more than 15 years. He’s the author or co-author of seven books
    • It appears 'How To Turn Your Million Dollar Idea Into A Reality' isn't my first release ???

So, what have you done?

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