Friday, March 16, 2007

Hi All,

I just wanted to touch base and let you know what I am up to this weekend, because I hope you'd like to contribute.. and if you do, I have a thank-you gift I'd like to give you.

See this weekend is the Geelong Relay For Life. The Relay for Life is an overnight team event to raise funds for cancer research, education and patient support programs.

How does it work?

It’s a team challenge! - The challenge is for teams of 10 or more to complete a relay-style walk or run at selected venues throughout Australia. Team members take turns to keep their baton moving overnight, enjoying the sensational festive atmosphere created through entertainment, camping, spot prizes and, most importantly, the vibrancy of the hundreds of lively people on the track!

How can you help ?
Now I am not looking to team members, that's all taken car of.... but what I am looking for is support from you in the 'fund raising area'. Almost everyone has been affected by the terrible disease of cancer and it is important that we all work towards a cure. If you would like to help contribute to this great cause please click the button below now, which will take you to a paypal site where you can make a donation of your choice.

or pay directly via the Relay For Life page here

The Thank You Gifts

Now I would hope that you would want to contribute for the good of the fight alone, it is that important, but if you do help I would like to personally say thanks by giving you a couple of gifts taken from the upcoming publicity course I am finalising.

In the course that's about to be released, there will be a number of audio interviews I have conducted with a number of 'power players' from the media world... Giving you insights and secrets to generating publicity for your business, cause or venture. During the conversations I was amazed at the quality and depth of knowledge these experts were willing to reveal - they are very powerful resources.

Although my team think I am nuts for letting some of these out of the bag early, I want to raise as much money for the fight against cancer so I am willing to give you advance access to 2 of these interviews (valued at $49.95 each) for simply making a donation of any value.
Yep, you can make a donation of only $1 (although I hope you would contribute more than that) and at the end of the relay I will shoot you an email with a secret link to the following two interviews:

1. Dale Beaumont of Kapow Media
This has to be one of the best interviews I have ever been involved with, in just over an hour Dale and I reveal almost everything there is to know about the media...
- The inside secrets on how the media works...
- The power of publicity for your business, cause or venture...
- The top story angles that the media LOVE....
- How to get your story to the media to ensure it gets printed
- How the journalists rate/review your pitches to ensure you get through the clutter.

2. Dan Janal - Pr Leads
Dan is one of the worlds foremost experts on the PR game. He was instrumental in the launch of AOL throughout the USA and the tips he reveals include
- How to get journalists coming to you for stories
- How to generate publicity internationally
- What journalists look for in an interviewee
- How to use the internet to generate publicity.

So please help the fight against caner and contribute to my relay for life team now by clicking the donation button below.. every dollar counts!!!

or pay directly via the Relay For Life page here

p.s. I thnk you in advance for your support


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