Friday, November 03, 2006

I Didn't Know TV Involved Exercise

So bright and early yesterday morning a hire car appeared in my driveway to take me to the MCG for a live interview on the TODAY show with Jessica Rowe.

Everything seemed to be going well, except for the rain. Arrived at the G to meet a crew member from Channel 9 and the publicist from Wiley. However, about 15mins prior to my live cross we found ourselves scratching our heads wondering where the camera-man was !!

8 mins to the live cross and still no show... 6 mins.... 5 mins.... Then the phone calls from the studio in Sydney began. They had double booked the camera-man and the only option we had was to hightail it to Bourke St were another live cross was being filmed.

Channel 9 switched segments around to give us extra time to make the dash across down and I eventually made it to the Bourke St Mall for the live cross and book plug.

If you are interested in seeing the interview you can view it on the ninemsn site here:


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