Friday, May 19, 2006

Sales Checklist

Do you have a sales checklist in your business?

Sales checklists are a great sales tool - Not only will they help your customers make the right choice of product but they will more often then not upsell your customers into additional products.

A Paint store could create a checklist they give customers when they enter the store titled 'The A1 Paint Job Checklist - Everything you need to know and to create a killer paint job'. They could then list all the items required to do a perfect paint job
1. 9m brush
2. Roller
4. Masking Tape etc etc

A Travel Agents checklist could include:
1. Airport Parking
2. Car Hire
3. Travellers Checks
4. Luggage etc etc

By simply assisitng and educating your customers its amazing how many add-ons you will be able to incorporate into the sale.


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