Thursday, April 27, 2006

The Government Gets Entrepreneurial...

I know, I know.. This sounds like baloney, I was just as shocked as you are when I actually opened some mail from ASIC and saw this:

I recently received some mail from ASIC relating to a company I recently established and in amongst some legal paperwork was this UPSELL LETTER.

For those of you who haven't gone through the exercise of creating a company, once your new entity is created you receive a very bland certificate of registration - however some genius who is working with ASIC (oxy-moron I know) has put in place an up-sell process.

This up-sell process is encouraging company directors to purchase a commemorative record of registration which looks a lot nicer and impressive then the generic document. They have 12 different designs from 'Australian Birds' to a 'Technology' styled certificate (plus two new designs on their website). They are even offering a pre-framed certificate offer at a higher cost. That's a two-level upsell offer !!!

What are they charging for this service? Well $39.95 will get you "a special display of your company's details" or for the low price of $119.95 you get one certificate framed.

I applaud the government for becoming a true business and taking some time-tested stratergies from the real-world and applying it to their services. Lets hope this income generating approach catches on so they can lower our taxes ;)

Until next time - consider how you can offer a similar upsell to your own clients? Can you create a Commemorative Version ? Or 'Franklin Mint' your product to give your customer two choices at different price point?

P.S. In the cover letter they have even put a call to action with the names of the people (and their direct contact number) who you can speak with to order over the phone - Amazing !!!


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