Monday, May 08, 2006

Two Lessons, One Blog

Ok.. So I messed up. I had planned to write about a particular marketing idea/concept that required a photo - but when I went to take the photo of the 'thing' I wanted to capture, it had gone... But from that I now have 2 Entrepreneurial lessons to cover...

I know its an obvious lesson but don't do it... and too many people do. I had driven past what I wanted to photograph numerous times and each time said to myself 'next time' and then one day it was gone - never to return. If you have an idea or task, simply get it crossed off your to-do list now - not 2moro or the next day. As an entrepreneur you will no doubt come up with some other amazing idea that needs to be done and the to-do list will grow exponentially if you don't act now...

So this is what I was trying to get to initially with this blog. There is a chemist on the Highway to the Mornington Penninsula here in Melbourne and it has been very creative in getting it customers attention - shouting its message.
See..the store next to this chemist had a HUGE window frontage and had obviously been empty for quite some time. What the chemist had done is 'rent' the window space of the store next door and had it sign-written with a huge promotion/advertisement 'shouting' to the thousands of cars that passed everyday. It was a very simple and cost effective way to get its message out and ensure passer-bys didn't miss them. People spend thousands to advertise on billboards along that road but this chemist was able to grab as much attention ( if not more because it was different) as those billboards for a fraction of the cost..

[inset picture here - D'OH]

How can you creatively and effectively SHOUT your message to potential clients or customers?


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