Thursday, May 31, 2007

Brands and Business Models

If a big chunk of Coke, Microsoft and Apples' value is based on the brand itself... why do so many entrepreneurs spend so much time growing their infrastructure (staff, buildings, equiptment)?

Look at it this way... If you are growing a business to one day sell it so you can sit on the beach drinking Pina Colada's (and get caught in the rain), then the elements you should really focus on developing are the sales processes, the value your services offer, and how it's all perceived by the public... No-one really gives a rats about the stuff 'behind-the-scenes' !!

As an entrepreneur you only have a finite amount of capital you can invest into a business, and those fund can go toward growing the infrastructure or growing the brand.

In my mind this only adds fuel to the 'it obviously pays outsource' argument. Don't 'invest' in things that can be outsourced!

What are you focusing on growing in your business?

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