Wednesday, April 11, 2007

In Prince Of Print Has Passed

I woke up this morning and in typical fashion jumped onto bloglines to keep abreast of my latest RSS feeds...and what I read was incredibly sad.

The world greatest copywriter, Gary Halbert, passed away last night in his sleep.

For those of you unfamiliar with Gary, he has been termed 'The Prince of Print' and is regarded as the worlds best copywriter...

His teaching style was very, shall I say, unorthodox and in your face.... but none the less, his message was GOLD.

Gary’s death will leave a big void in the marketing community for years to come.

If you never had a chance to meet or learn from this amazing man, you missed out on a valuable (and profitable) opportunity.

However, you still have the opportunity to learn from this true master of persuasion as Gary had a newsletter site where he published his thoughts, tips and tricks.

So in true Gary Halbert style... All you 'shitweazels' check it out at, The Gary Halbert Letter:



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